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I am 56 years old and bought this for the grand kids, but what and amazing fun device as you can play tennis and all sorts of family games with number of players. What sports or activities can old people do with their grand kids and be competitive.

Great sound quality

This was exactly what we were looking for in a better quality microphone that drops all the surrounding sound of typing / clicking of keys and much better sound quality for recording.
Great pricing as well for this kind of product!


Is this keyboard compatible for people who use keyboard and mouse on a PlayStation…

Very smooth so far. It's bigger than I need, but better than being too small I guess.


Be nice if they put the software on there websites.

Not too impressed

The headphone jack works to hear sound but the microphone doesn't work.

Tried everything as a workaround to no working outcome (google advice forums, console settings, game settings, settings in controller, different head sets etc).

I feel defeated and sad and the controller now lives in a draw unused :/

High Quality

High Quality cheap keyboard well worth

LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga - Nintendo Switch

Really nice design, but keys don't register if you type too quickly

I love the design of the keyboard, it's really hard to find one with dedicated media control buttons! It's got rubberised pads on the bottom to stop it from slipping around, and it has two flip-out feet (but those don't have rubberised pads). The blue switches provide a little bit of resistance and the sound is fairly loud. The braided cable seems to be really nice quality.

Unfortunately if you type too quickly, some of the keys don't register which is super frustrating if you do a lot of typing. There also isn't a setting to completely turn off the backlighting (the next best option is for the backlight to only activate when you press a key), which means you're blinded by bright lights if you need to look at the keyboard while typing.

I still don't regret buying this keyboard though. The compact size, pretty colour, affordable price point, and dedicated media control buttons make it worth keeping. Plus, the switches have Cherry MX-style stems so you can swap out the keycaps (although two of the spacebar's stabilisers are a cylindrical shape, so it might be incompatible with some custom spacebar keycaps)

Great fun but some glitches

The game is great fun and very well thought out. Unfortunately I’ve got to the last movie and keep getting stuck in hyperspace. Cannot progress from here. I hope a fix for this glitch is released soon!

Never got item

Not happy nothing has come nearly 2 thousand dollars and no reply !

Hi Amy, I see your order has been delayed with Australia Post. Please contact us and we can lodge an enquiry to find your parcel!


totally different than the other lego star wars games so dont expect a updated version of those.it is TOTALLY different. but do expect a rather campy silly twisted storyline and is alot of fun.. having said that\.. there are alot of hints that appear even after those have been turned off. thats my 1 gripe so far.....

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse - PC Games

Xbox Series X/S Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller - Xbox Series X

The best wired mouse on the market!

I have used many gaming mouse, different brand, size, weights. You name it and I have tried it, and then it all stopped with the Steelseries Prime.
Not only sleek in design, but super lightweight so it doesn't feel like you are moving a truck with your hand (exaggeration I know, but when you use a light mouse, it's how it makes you feel). With a nice relaxing hold on the mouse, hand strain is very minimal. Yes it is a wired mouse, but it's not a rubber cable that feels like it's holding you back, it's a woven fabric cable, so it doesn't feel like there is any cable.
You've read the features and now you are curious as to if you should buy this product??
You should buy this if you are looking for a fantastic gaming mouse

Looks clean and feels clean!

At first I didn't want to spend the money on a mousepad because why would you want to??
Well I thought that before I decided to treat myself to this mousepad and honestly, one of the best purchases I have made!
Not only is it a X-Large mousepad, but the design, print quality and the quality of the mousepad itself is immaculate.
So what not treat yourself to a clean, X-Large and pretty mousepad??

It's Great!

It's well lit and responsive but a little loud but overall a good keyboard

Great product!

I have used the keyboard for a month now and it has been great

too clicky and flashing

pretty but the keys are uncomfortably loud and the space bar sounds very springy, also the X key won't stop flashing white and I can't figure out how to stop it. On a mac so I cant customise it. :[

Great game

Really fun reboot of the old Lego games with new features and gameplay style.


My kid is very happy with the headset & quick delivery!

Works well

Snaps into Nintendo switch as intended and is comfy